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At Frida loves Tequila we love to make beautiful, quirky, colourful things. Graphic and web design, mosaics, fine art, photography, vintage items, fine art, sculpture, illustrations or anything that makes the world more beautiful and interesting.

“Why Frida and what's up with the tequila?” you ask ... It’s a long mexican love-story, really. The short version. I'm an incorrigible Frida Kahlo art fan and one day I was making a mexican influenced mosaic tequila bottle and thought to myself: “Frida would love this” and the name was born there and then. “Salut Frida!”

If she can drink tequila, she's a real frida! UrbanDictionary

Enjoy the work presented here and feel free to contact us for a quote or commission.

Print & Web Design

20 years of experience in graphic design, including corporate, small business and start-up. Corporate Identity, logo design, brochures, flyers, business cards, promotional material and packaging, web design, presentations etc.

Photography & Travel

Photography and a knowledge of lighting and styling adds great value to a design studio. Contact us for professional product, travel and food photography, as well as weddings, functions etc.

Fine Art & Sketches

Before a designer can create electronically, it is vital to have fine art, illustration and sculpture skills as well as an understanding of colour, shape and form. I work from life as much as possible to keep my eye trained and for the sheer pleasure of indulging in working with artist materials.

Mosaics & Craft

My interest in mosaics is a long-standing obsession, ranging from small luxuries to large commercial installations. Other craft-ware, like ceramics, fabric items and the likes find expression from time to time.

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